benjamin sanguine / f_p wiseacre

After the band Sanguine ended (with Justin Duance and David Ratcliffe), Benjamin Whitaker has been making music under the aliases benjamin sanguine and f_p wiseacre. The former has tended to be more guitar-based indie pop, the latter more electronic and experimental, but there is much crossover. FP stands for ‘Famous Pizzas’, a DJ name he jokingly employed; Wiseacre was a spellcheck suggestion for his name which he kinda liked.

Stream Selected Early works:



Improvised sound and songs by Duncan Ward and Benjamin Whitaker,  Samneric formed to play at The Klinker in Dalston in 2003. Recordings have included the 20 monthly editions of ‘Burnt Offerings’, a series of improvised and occasionally site-specific sound pieces, and two Christmas albums.

Stream the ‘Best of Samneric’ from Young Mountains Publishing’s ‘Duets’ series:


White Cliff Sands

The negative PANDA guys were joined by Ben from Sanguine for 3 largely improvised album sessions of post-rock eclectic space blues. Stream the unreleased White Cliff Sands third album ‘Rest and Take Water’:

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